Our Grounds

Christ Church is known for its beautiful and expansive grounds in the heart of downtown Waukegan.

The property consists of the lots that make up roughly the southern half of the 300 block of West St. and N. MLK Av along Grand Av. . Technically, this is Lots 3 through 13 in Block 7 of the first addition to the north side sub, being a subdivision of part of the south west quarter of section 21, township 45 north, range 12, east of the third principal meridian, in Lake County, IL.

The grounds include a substantial paved parking lot designed to accommodate 75 vehicles with entrances off both Grand Avenue and West Street to the west of the parish house. Immediately to the north of the parking lot is a gazebo, where many downtown workers enjoy their lunch or breaks spring through fall.

To the north of the church and chapel is a substantial open area where the parish and neighborhood children can often be found playing. It is also the space used for our summer outdoor Eucharists. Between the open area and the church buildings is a landscaped area surrounded by wrought iron fencing. This is the Christ Church Churchyard. Also known as the Memorial Garden or Resurrection Garden, this is an area set aside for the interment of cremains. The garden features a walkway that connects the parking lot to the eastside of the campus, which includes the chapel and handicap entrances as well as several benches for those who choose to sit and pray.

Facing Grand Avenue are the main entrances to the church and parish house as well as a cloister between the buildings. Although long neglected, the cloister is being transformed into a meditation garden, This is also the location of the exterior entrance to the Undercroft Gallery.

The members of Christ Church take great pride in the grounds and perform the vast majority of the maintenance and upkeep. In the spring and fall there are all parish grounds cleanups during which members of all ages and abilities help prepare the gardens for the coming season. The dates of these cleanups vary depending on weather but typically occur in late November and early May. Watch the announcements section for updates about cleanups.

Three private residences make up the remainder of the Christ Church campus.