Eternal Resting Places for Our Dearly Departed

There has been a custom since earliest Christian times to bury the faithful on church property, either in or near a parish church. The Church consecrated these special burial areas since they served as witness to the Christian faith. 

In recent times there has been a renewed interest within the Episcopal community in cremation and the burial of ashes in the confines of church property where the sacraments are regularly observed. Such burial is appropriate, spiritually and practically, and is a statement that parishioners continue to be a part of the parish family even in death.

Christ Church provides an opportunity for parishioners and their families to have the ashes of loved ones interred on church property. Cremains may be interred in the Altar in the Chapel of Our Lady, or in our beautiful Resurrection Garden located on the north side of the church.

The cost of interment in either location is $1500. This cost includes: a bronze memorial name plaque that is mounted on the wall inside the Chapel; a standard urn for Altar interments; and perpetual care.

(Note: Our parish also owns plots at Warren Cemetery in Gurnee and Northshore Garden of Memories in North Chicago for those parishioners interested in traditional burials. The cost per plot is also $1500 but this cost is limited to the plot itself with no other amenities and perpetual care is the responsibility of the cemetery, not the parish.)