The deadline for submitting an application to be our rector has passed. The Rev. Victor Conrado, Associate for Ministries on the bishop's staff and our diocesan consultant, met with the committee co-chairs, Mary Neely and Jerry Gibbs, last Wednesday to discuss the applications that had been received.

The entire search committee met Sunday morning, 7/7, to talk about the start of the discernment process. As we look at and discuss the applications, we will keep in mind what parishioners have discussed with us during the small groups, and what they said was important to our church on the surveys. Because the applications are confidential, we can't provide a list of those candidates we are looking at. It may take some time, but as soon as we can discern who we believe is the candidate whose qualifications most closely fits what the congregation has outlined as important, we will definitely contact the vestry, and go from there.

Thank you for your patience, and please keep your search committee in your prayers.

Mary Neely,

Search Committee Co-Chair